27 juni 2017

Very Still Life

One of my friends is a taxidermist with an amazing workspace, and he said he'd teach me some things a while ago. We were supposed to meet for the first 'lesson' when he messaged to tell me he was a bit too busy to really teach, but I was always welcome to just hang around instead. So I did, and brought my sketchbook!

(click for larger versions)
When I'm working in cut out paper the point is to simplify things as much as possible, reducing them to their essence. I liked drawing all these tiny details for a change! It has been a while since I did anything like this, drawing on location, and it's rusty to say the least. These two drawings (slightly larger than A3 sized) took three hours, and I kind of cringe at the perspective. But it was fun, and isn't that more important? My sense of perspective will come back eventually.

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