06 mei 2013

A Sewing Break

As some of you know, my main occupation is not sewing. I'm currently studying comics and illustration in Brussels, and working towards my master's degree. This means working on a large project for a full school year, a project that has now entered its final phase! I'll be spending the next few weeks drawing and writing, and won't have a lot of time for sewing, taking pictures or writing posts.

My master's project is connected to sewing though, so if you are interested (are you?) I will try and post a few bits and pieces about it now and then. You can always follow my illustration work on my drawing blog too. The project is due on June 18th, after which i'll probably sleep for a day or two. And there's a trip to London planned right after that. So expect to see new sewing projects pop up again at the end of June!

Just to give a sneak peek at what those projects might be, here's a picture of all the fabrics in my stash I have a plan for right now:

There's some pretty cool stuff in there: my usual cottons, but eagle-eyes people might spot a knit, some silk, or the beautiful shiny gold navy linen I just want to pet all day!

I will miss sewing, and blogging, but I just can't afford to spend a lot of time on anything apart from drawing right now (if that isn't a first world problem I don't know what is).

(Speaking of first world problems, have you read this post by Oonaballoona? It's about a beautiful cause trying to help widowed women in India- a group of people who are generally not accepted by society. The project is trying to get enough funds to get some of these women trained as seamstresses and pay them a fair wage so they can sustain themselves and their children. If you are interested in donating, you can do so here)

See you around!