10 juni 2017

One Granny Bullet, Dodged

Here's something else I've made  with one of the fabrics I bought in Germany! I had spotted this viscose crepe at Stoff & Stil and loved it at first sight, but I knew I'd have to be careful about my pattern choice here. I was a bit worried that the print, combined with the crepe texture, would make for a grannyish look if combined with a pattern that was too... Strict? So I went for something light and floaty, and combined it with short shorts.

Still seems a bit conservative, maybe? Well, the real surprise is in the back:

I had spotted this loose foldover back top thing in one of the sewing magazines at work and took it home one night to trace the pattern. This might have been a quick and easy sew, but I decided to make things harder for myself! The fabric was super shifty so I had to be careful while cutting, and I didn't have much of it (barely a yard, it had been cut very crookedly- the lady in the shop noticed this and asked me if it was ok though, so it wasn't a nasty surprise or anything!) so the only reason I got this top out of it was that it's pretty short.

The pattern came with facings for the neckline and hem, and I just kind of scoffed at that idea (nothing to do with me not having enough fabric to even think about facings, haha). Cutting, interfacing and sewing a hem facing on this thing with all its rounded bias edges sounced like hell, so I decided to make bias tape out of my remaining scraps of fabric. Very sensible! I managed to cut strips that weren't even that uneven, sewed them on and hand-finished everything for a cleaner finish.

 This top also turns out really short, and not really bra friendly! I'm wearing a very cropped black top underneath, because if I bend over or anything my entire back is on show. Which is perfect for summer, of course. I decided to pair it with some high-waisted shorts made from an old Burda issue, and think it looks fine. I'm not too sure about the pleats in these shorts, maybe they would work better in a drapier fabric so they're less poofy. For now I'm happy with my grannyshirt and poofypants though!

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