06 april 2017


I'm back from my short trip to Germany! We visited Leipzig and Berlin, saw loads of people and had a blast. I gave the Stoff & Stil store in Berlin all my money and ate SO MUCH FOOD!

First we spent the weekend in Leipzig with our friends Stefhany and Tim. They proved to be great hosts and guides, taking us to good food and making up stories when they didn't know the answer to our questions.

After that it was on to Berlin, where we spent our days visiting museums and hanging out with friends. I also managed to make at least one drawing every day:

(click to see larger versions)

We still had quite a few things planned for our last day, but things turned out a bit different! Picture us, waking up at a friend's appartment in the Oranienstra├če. It's 9 in the morning, I just got dressed and the boyfriend is slowly waking up, checking his e-mail.

"I guess I'll just check us in for our flight home tonight, now I'm here"
"Yeah, sure!"
"That can't be right."
"This says our flight leaves at 11."
"We'll never make it! Why did we think it was at eight???"

People, we made it. It was a stressful way to end a holiday and we regret not being able to meet the people we were supposed to meet on that last day, but we made it home in one piece (maybe with a few extra grey hairs).

I came back with a suitcase full of fabric, so expect some sewing soon!

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