30 maart 2017

Britney's Silver Can

Boy, this blog is suddenly getting updated a lot! It might be the weather and the longer days, but I seem to have more opportunities to get out and take pictures. Earlier this week Hanne and me went out to take some pictures for her Etsy shop, and we took the opportunity to photograph my spankin' new silver jean shorts! (yeah, you heard that right)

Joost saw Hanne's pictures and was like 'ew that alley always smells like pee' but this part really wasn't too bad.

These are the Morgan jeans (AGAIN), obviously shortened a bit. I widened the leg by a few cm to make it a bit looser around the thighs and avoid that sort of reverse muffin top effect super tight shorts give (shudder). Getting this cut out was a puzzle since I only had one meter of this silver-coated denim and had already used a sizeable piece for a tote bag!

I just sewed these up as instructed, since I didn't make any changes apart from chopping most of the length off. My full length pair stretches out quite a lot after wearing it (even for a few hours) but these seem to have more recovery... Maybe it's the silver coating that prevents this non-stretch denim from getting stretched out in the first place?

That same silver coating posed some problems when it came to pressing. I could not apply the iron directly, even with lots of steam, without the silver coming off the fabric and onto the iron. Pressing cloth it was! I topstitched everything with a triple straight stitch and grey thread, and it looks pretty good (apart from that mismatched yoke seam...)

I made Hanne do jumping pictures so she wanted to get even. I've already worn these shorts three times since making them a week ago, which makes them a definite winner in my book! There was some debate about the hem finish, with some people preferring it cuffed and some people liking the hem just turned and stitched. I left the thing long enough to roll up into a cuff without making it look obscene, and thought I could always shorten the hem a bit more if I tire of cuffed shorts!

Hanne was sort of happy to see that I find taking pictures just as awkward as she did. It might sound weird coming from someone who takes loads of pictures of herself for this blog, but I really don't like having my picture taken. You guys tend to get a selection of what I consider to be 'acceptable' ones, but I have to admit that most of the pictures I take look like this:

Maybe I should do a blog post with only these kind of shots!

This moment of blogging productivity has come to an end though. I'm leaving for a few days in Leipzig and Berlin on Saturday, and don't have anything to photograph! I am planning to try and draw some things, so if I manage to make a few nice sketches I might show you some.

Until then I will say goodbye with the song that inspired this post title (and maybe even these shorts). I tried counting the Justin Timberlakes in this a few times but always had to give up...

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