16 juli 2017

Stretch, Stretch, Stretchy Stretch

One of the main things on my list of things I wanted to sew was a new pair of black skinny jeans. I wear my dark blue Ginger jeans all the time but black is more of a base colour to me than blue, and my only (storebought) pair of skinnies is way too big on me in the waist.

Hanne, Eleonore and me visited St├ęphanie a few weeks ago and visited De Stoffenstraat (when in Rome...). I stumbled upon the perfect black stretch jeans and went for it!

So yeah, these are the Closet Case Ginger jeans, in a straight size 8, just like the first time. I tried them on before attaching the waistband and took the sides in a tiny bit at the waist, but apart from that I made no alterations. We also took some really weird photos for this, and none of them show the details very well. Sorry!

Sewing these was a breeze, it just takes a while because of all the small details and topstitching. The front fly gave me grief again though, and I did discover a mistake in the instructions: at the beginning of construction of the fly front it says to finish the fly extension on the right leg only, while this should be the left leg. The pictures in the instructions actually show the left leg, but with a coin pocket. It went better than last time, but I will probably try a different method if I make another front fly.

This was also super relevant underneath a picture of the back of the jeans.

All of our detail shots turned out blurry or way too dark, except for this one of my butt and some bits of the wall that stuck to it. I think I should have altered the waistband a bit since it gapes at the top, but I always wear a belt anyway so it doesn't bother me too much. I also think I stretched the waistband a bit whilst topstitching.

This fabric is super stretch and has great recovery (I've worn these a few times now and there's no bagging out). In fact, it's so stretchy it's almost creepy. As in, I feel like I'm not supposed to be this mobile in jeans. I can put my leg in my neck in these. For real.

"Do something."
Apart from making this wardrobe staple, I think I finally managed to perfect my tank top pattern. I copied an existing top that I like to wear and took a bit out of the sides to make it more fitted. This works well worn like this, tucked in or layered. The fabric for this version also came from De Stoffenstraat, and I have a few other jerseys from them to be made into tops, including one that was described by St├ęphanie as 'only you can make that look cool'. No pressure there, then!

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