26 februari 2015

Don't mind me, I'm just being casual

People, I've been on a bit of a roll lately. There are honestly so many ideas and projects bouncing around in my head it gets a bit overwhelming at times. I've been doing some sewing, knitting and even dug up my felt again to make some patches! Next stop: more linoprinting. I didn't have to work on Tuesday and Wednesday this week so I decided to have some fun. On Tuesday night Lieke and her boyfriend took me and my boyfriend to see the Decemberists, and it was AWESOME! I made us all little badges for the occasion:

On Wednesday we slept in and met up with a good friend and her daughter to go see the Panamarenko exhibit at the Muhka in Antwerp. It was all very nice and interesting, but at a certain point our youngest companion had a different kind of entertainment in mind:

I wore another Linden sweater for the occasion, the third one I've made so far! It's a ridiculously quick pattern to make, I cut it out on Monday night and sewed it on Tuesday morning, before my boyfriend woke up. It took some time to convince him that was actually the thing I'd been cutting the night before!

Boyfriend: "Go stand in front of the diarrhea wall! It'll be hilarious!"

The fabric is impossible to photograph, but it's a pretty light blue knit with golden sparkles all over. All those years of wearing jeans and t-shirts are finally catching up, and I'm currently drawn to glitter like a six-year-old. There are worse things!

I can't really say much more about this sweater. This time I just made view B in a size 12, without any alterations. I lengthened the neckband a smidge again to help it stretch around the neckline and finished all the edges with a zig zag stitch since this knit does unravel quite badly.

The skirt is new as well! My boss had another plan for us to wear matching clothes, and this time it was a t-shirt with a sequin appliqué on it. She thought it would look 'so cute with some jeans' so I made a burgundy wrap skirt to go with it. The pattern is from the previous Burda magazine and it was super simple. The back and front underlap are just rectangles (the instructions tell you to gether them but I went for pleats since I didn't want my butt to look too poofy). The front piece has a pretty interesting shape, the hem is straight but the upper side is much wider and curved, which is then pleated into the waistband. This makes the hem drop in the front, giving it an asymmetrical look. I used a solid linen bought in a local fabric shop.

Here are some more badges! I made the bottom two, the top one was bought from Lindsay Bottos. This picture also gives the best impression of what the fabric (and part of my hair!) looks like.

Of course I also got my lovely friend to help me pose. We take each other to a whole different level! Her daughter has clearly inherited her talent:

And how did we end this super sophisticated day? By eating pancakes and laughing at this cat. His name is Tupac and he's 2 bizzy 4 u.

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