16 augustus 2012

The Dress of Shame

This lovely fabric has been lying around my house for ages now. It's meant to be turned into a dress, one I like to call the Dress of Shame.

Why? Because a friend of mine picked this fabric, and the pattern to use it for, to make it into a beautiful dress, made especially for her. This one, to be precise:

(That's Vogue 2902, for the ones who want to know)

And why is this the Dress of Shame? Because she asked me to do this around TWO YEARS AGO.


It seems like I'm still a bit too chicken to really sew for someone else. I tend to fit as I go when making something for myself, and sewing with only measurements and a muslin seems slightly scary. What if I finish the dress and there's something terribly wrong with the fit, despite the muslins? It will go on my alteration pile and linger around even longer!

I do have to say this lovely friend lost a lot of weight between the first fittings. And we couldn't always match our schedules to meet for a fitting. But there really is no excuse for this to lie around for so long.

So before going to bed... I'll be sewing darts.

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