06 augustus 2012


I've recently made this dress using a very special fabric: one of my own designs I got printed on Spoonflower! The print consists of hundreds of small rainbows on a blue background, and a border of hand-drawn girls with umbrellas. The fabric is available in my Spoonflower shop.

I drafted my own pattern for this, starting from a basic bodice block and adding sleeves and a collar. I was worried it would look way too cutesy in the end, but I kind of like it now! It reminds me of a dress you'd really really want as a little girl.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I felt this dress should be pictured near the water, so my boyfriend and I went to the riverside to get some shots.

It was very windy and the sun was right in my eyes, but I think the pictures turned out ok!

I had worn the dress the night before to a performance by Antwerp legend Vitalski. His brother Serge Baeken gave me an amazing temporary tattoo to match my dress!

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