13 augustus 2012

Do you remember the festival?

Last Saturday, my brother Jonathan returned from a long trip to Tanzania with a beard and awesome stories. So the most logical thing for him to do was to go see our younger brother Tim perform at the Linkerwoofer festival with his band New Rising Sun. I decided to wear one of my most comfortable dresses so far: it's the same pattern as the map dress, but with a gathered skirt instead of a pleated one. I also used a rather lightweight fabric by Petit Pan, purchased here. The cotton lining gives it a bit more body but the outer fabric is more like a shirting.

I really love the print on this fabric, the colors are very bold but somehow not that overwhelming on me. I lined the dress in a bright red cotton sateen with just a hint of stretch. This dress might not be appropriate for super hot weather because of the two layers of fabric, but it's just fine on regular summer days!

Jonathan got a craving for some real Belgian fries (I can't blame him) so we sat down by the riverside while he was eating. This is on the left bank of the river, where you have a great view of the city center.

And Tim? He definitely has the cool factor down! 

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