17 december 2014

Postcards to send to your Friends and Enemies

Some time ago, I made postcards out of some of my illustrations and put them up for sale. Recently it dawned upon me that I never made a clear post showing all the cards, just something slightly confusing! So I laid them all out and now present to you the entire collection:

All these are for sale for €2 each + shipping. I will ship worldwide! If you want one or more cards just send me an e-mail (annekecaramin@hotmail.com) with the numbers from this picture and your address, and I'll send a Paypal invoice.


PS: I'm doing tons of guestblogging all of a sudden! Pop over to Hanne's blog to see my tricks for making your fashion sketches look awesome (and read all her posts in this drawing series because they are super inspirational) and have a look over at Antwerpen Streetstyle to see what I've been doing for them!

11 december 2014

My Dungarees Make Them Hungry

Guys, I have some really exciting news.

I made dungarees.

And not a dungaree dress, no, real, proper dungarees. With two legs. No skirt. No tights. OMG.


As soon as I saw the Turia Dungarees by Pauline Alice I took a liking to them. It's a huge departure from my usual style (a lot of people I know have never seen me wear trousers) but I do have a relationship with dungarees that goes back to my childhood. They were my favourite garment to wear when I was out playing, and I still wore them years later when painting or doing messy things.

Before making these I actually made a trip to H&M to see if I could find a similar pair to try on before investing loads of time into making it (which is something I often do before trying new shapes or styles!). I liked the look so I made a quick muslin and just went for it. The pattern fits true to size and I didn't have to make any significant changes to the fit of the pants part!

After wearing these for a few times I did notice a few things I'd do differently next time. I actually hemmed them twice because they turned out super short the first time. They now have a tiny hem, finished with bias tape. It's ok but they do show off my socks a lot!

 I would also lengthen the straps a bit. At first I tied them behind the buckles to keep them from sliding, but this hoisted everything up a bit, making it hard to bend down. In the end I slid the straps into the right position and just topstitched them down.

Sewing this was really fun! It didn't take nearly as long as I anticipated, the instructions were very clear and made absolute sense (I followed them to the letter for once). The fabric (a slightly heavier weight cotton) was nice to work with as well. It held a crease really well which was awesome (all these pockets that need to be topstitched on!) and it didn't fray too much. I also think it nicely treads the line between dressing like a giant toddler and looking like a serious adult. Although my boss might disagree with me on that, since her first response was 'aaaawwwww!'.

I went all out with the details, doing my best to make my topstitching look good and installing rivets at certain stress points on the pockets. Things like this can really tie a garment together and take it to the next level!

I've already got some denim earmarked for the shorts version. No way I'm stepping away from dresses anytime soon, but these make for a nice change!

Oh, and again, for those wondering about the title: click!