09 augustus 2012

Knocking off the knockoff

I have to give credit where credit is due: I got the idea for this dress from the Selfish Seamstress, and from her alone. When I read the post about her own version of a Kate Spade dress I was struck by this picture:

How could I not.

I admit, I copied the Selfish Seamstress in almost every way. I even used the same base for the bodice! (the Coffee Date Dress) I made some changes to it, drafted a new skirt and the midriff drape. This is the result:

I have a bad case of serious face going on and the dress could use some ironing, but I really like the result. I used a cheap cotton with very dark blue polka dots and an even cheaper off white cotton for the lining. The dress is super comfortable and still appropriate for 'fancier occasions'.

I will end this post by thanking the Selfish Seamstress for the inspiration, and my two assistents for helping out with the pictures:

Flash, who is so modest he won't even look into the camera, and my boyfriend (the foot).

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