31 juli 2018

A Sketchy Post

I kind of disappeared lately, for various reasons! I was working on a few different things I either couldn't show you or aren't finished yet, and it was way too hot to do anything apart from the things I absolutely had to do! There's a sundress waiting to be photographed, but in the meantime I'll show you some of the recent scribbles from my sketchbook. If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen some (most) of these, I apologise for what is essentially a very lazy blog post!

This was a sort of diary sketch from something that happened in London the last time I was there. We were hanging out in a park on a Monday morning, enjoying the sunshine, slowly waking up and watching all the other accomplished people jog and do yoga. This one shirtless young man seemed to be doing really well with his sun salutations when a very drunk shirtless man walked over and tried to join him. It looked really funny from a distance, but the poor guy seemed so confused!

I released a new postcard a while ago (get it here) and have been thinking about the next one. It's going to be an apology card and it will probably involve bird poop.

When I visited my parents a few weeks ago my mother gave me an old book about the space race and moon landing that I loved as a kid, and I spent an afternoon scribbling astronauts for shits & giggles. It's very different from what I usually draw and I really need to learn how to draw smooth shiny things (fur is easy guys!) but it was a lot of fun. I like tiny details (sometimes).

There has also been some fabric printing lately, and of course I needed stamps for that! These were supposed to go onto the summer dress I recently made but the print did not show up well on the fabric so I used a black sweatshirt jersey instead. This means you'll have to wait a while before it will make an appearance, because black sweatshirts are really low on my list of priorities now.

And lastly I've been drawing these little guys because they were in my head and made me smile. Not sure what will happen with them!

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