08 december 2013

The Winchesters Called, They Want Their Plaid Back

I like to watch Supernatural while I'm working. It's not my favourite show ever, but the stories have a nice balance between being scary and funny (or just plain heartbreaking) and some of the storylines are quite interesting. SO when I decided I'd make a shirt, I picked a plaid flannel, as a tribute to the Winchester brothers and their sense of style. They do own quite a lot of shirts for being on the road all the time, no?

So here we are! I'm pretending to be a hunter. With a crossbow. I've wanted to make a shirt for a while now but I honestly don't wear them that much, being a true dresses girl... However, the Archer pattern by Grainline kept calling my name and in a lightbulb moment I just shouted 'I know! I'll lengthen it and wear it as a dress! This way I'll learn all these neat techniques and still end up with something I like!'

So that's what happened. No trickery, I just slashed all the necessary pattern pieces and added some length. Can I applaud my timing as well? December just happens to be Archer appreciation month, woohoo!

Yes, you sure frighten monsters.
Another reason for this make is that I'm in high need of warm clothes right now: the boyfriend and I will be celebrating New Year's Eve in Iceland with a few other friends (one of them is doing an internship in Reykjavik and we are visiting her), so I need to have clothes that will help me survive. And be comfortable.

I'm wearing this shirt with a tank top underneath, and this was pretty toasty already. I think I'll be fine if I add some thermals (sexy!) and wool socks in my boots.

I made a straight size 12 and it fits perfectly in the bust area, but I think I'll size down everywhere else if I make another one. The shoulders are a bit wide on me (which is a common problem) and the sleeves are a bit too long. All the rest is perfectly ok!

Sewing this was surprisingly easy. There is some wonky topstitching here and there, but Jen's excellent sewalong posts and this collar tutorial made for a sewing session with very little glitches. I'm quite proud of the finish as well: all seams are concealed or flat-felled, not a raw edge in sight!

Wait, what's that?

Aw hell no!

"Look scared!"

"Like this?"

"No... Not the chin thing..."



I made a few small changes so I didn't have to match too much plaid the shirt would get more interesting. The cuffs, button band, yoke and pocket were all cut on the bias. Matching the plaid itself was pretty tricky since this (cheap) flannel was incredibly shifty and pulled off-grain like there was no tomorrow. But hey, it looks fine in the end!

Now, what else? Oh, yes, the ghost. Better do something about that.

fuck no!

I'd be a terrible hunter.

(And someone should probably take Photoshop away from me)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love that you made it into a dress! I was thinking about doing this too and now I really will. Lovely plaid, too. And very funny gif :D

  2. Brilliant post, and lovely dress! Wanted to let you know your package arrived on Saturday, and I shall be posting up the competition by the end of the week. Thanks again!

  3. Hehehe, you made me laugh! Your shirt looks nice. I also want to make my Archer version but I didn't have time yet. I'll visit my mother this Xmas and I hope I can get a nice flannel over there.

    BTW, I've just received your package. Thanks a lot for sending it again :)

    1. Thanks! Sorry it took a while, your package had been packed during a move and I only just recently got around to unearthing and sending it!

  4. Haha I love your photoshop! I really like your Archer, it looks really cosy and super comfy for Iceland! I'm very jealous, would love to visit Iceland too!