01 september 2013

The Walk in the Park Dress

This is going to be a very green post. And a silly one. Just a warning!

Today there was an annual fair in my boyfriend's hometown, with a massive fleamarket. We decided to go by, have a look, and take the opportunity to photograph one of my latest makes in a local park. One of my childhood dreams came true:

See that? That's one of those massive balloons my parents never wanted to get me.  And today I got one. I had a hard time choosing (they had a Spongebob one as well) but I went for the one-eared, two-legged tiger. And I was SO HAPPY!

Derp. Seriously. Balloons make everything better, even if it's a bit too cold for the dress you're wearing and the thing keeps bumping into other people because it's windy. I spent most of the afternoon smiling like an idiot, and gave it to another child when we headed home.

Now, the dress! It's a print I've been hoarding for a while because I loved it so much, and finally had the guts to just go for it and make something. It's a Michael Miller cotton with a park printed on it. I love how it looks like wearing a painting!

The pattern is a combination of a free bodice pattern I once found online but had to adjust so many times it's basically my own, and the skirt from the Chantilly dress by Colette patterns (by far my favourite skirt for prints without too much of a horizontal or vertical direction going on! It's even fuller than a traditional gathered skirt, but the gores and the curved hem make for a way nicer drape). The zipper looks a bit wonky in this picture, but I swear it fits fine!

Pockets, of course. I lined the entire dress in a green cotton poplin I had around, and the combination of those two fabrics makes for an amazingly poufy skirt.

The bodice is a basic princess-seamed style with thin straps. I've used two straps on each side for a bit more bra-coverage. The strange bit is that the bust part of this pattern fit me fine, but the back and sides were humongous on me. I think I've removed around 20 cm all around!

And now for the pictures you've all been waiting for: me looking like an idiot in the park! Just proving that this dress is excellent for ancient ghost-summoning dances...

... Or high kicks. I seem to be astonished by my own leg here.

He's actually incredibly sweet and happy, but tends to look downright evil...
One last little update: blog posts have been a little sporadic over the past month (I worked a nine to five-job most of the time and just never had the time for pictures!), and I'm afraid things will stay like that for a while. My boyfriend and I have decided to find a place together, and after a lot of looking at appartments things are going very fast. We found a nice little place and are sort of preparing to move all our junk, ourselves and this grumpy little bugger in. Exciting: I'll probably have my own little sewing space, so expect some posts on that!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. What a happy green dress, it is perfect for the park... and so happy to hear about all the fabulous things happening in your life: tiger balloon, moving in to a new place with your boyfriend, living with a grumpy cat!

  2. What a fun summer dress! And I'm *really* impressed with how high you can kick!

  3. I love your dress! Great print as usual!

  4. What a wonderful fabric and the park setting is perfect for the pictures. I love that you paired a pair of red shoes with it. Meow to your tuxedo kitty, he is such a handsome cat. Good luck with your move, I look forward to seeing your own sewing space.

  5. That's a very lovely dress. I've never made a dress with a print like that, but it would scare me to cut that fabric.

    I hope everything goes fine with the moving and your 9-5 job. It's difficult to find time to blog and especially to take pictures, but we sill have weekends!

    Your cat looks like Dr. Gang's cat! Evil! :D

  6. The fabric does look like a painting! Your dress looks very versatile, you can be a pretty princess in it and it's also suitable for karate, haha! It's a beautiful dress. Good luck with the move and cuddles to your cat.

  7. that balloon is the perfect accessory. i can't believe you were able to give him away...

    i love that print, your happiness in this dress is obvious and deserved!

    1. The kid I gave it to was so happy he forgot how to speak, that definitely made it worth it! Thanks for the compliment!

  8. What an amazing fabric! And your high kick is indeed truly impressive (-:

  9. I've been meaning to comment on this for ages but I freaking LOOOOOOOVE this dress! I love the print and that's one of the Michael Miller prints I have on my search list (having seen an adorable but overpriced Bernie Dexter dress made from the same fabric) - you've done the fabric proud, and giving the balloon away is almost as cute as you are xxx

  10. This dress it totally gorgeous, and the fabric is amazing! I am most impressed by your high kicks though.