01 april 2013

The Radio Dress

The reason why this dress is called the Radio Dress is quite simple: I wore it to a party called Radio Modern. It was a vintage-themed party so I felt like I needed something pretty and feminine with a retro touch. A perfect moment to try out the Sewaholic Cambie pattern!

I bought this pattern during Tasia's Birthday sale, after eyeing it for a while. It's a pretty clever dress: the style is simple enough to work in a variety of fabrics and prints, but the details keep it interesting. I love how the cap sleeves create a pretty neckline without showing off too much.

I used a cotton-linen blend with a Nani Iro print from my stash for this. It was purchased some time ago but since it was a remnant (only 2 meters) and quite narrow I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get a dress out of it. Lo and behold- it worked! There was some squeezing involved, I was unable to match the pattern and I have nothing left but scraps, but I managed to make the dress exactly like the pattern illustration (I was worried I'd have to skip the pockets)

This fabric is awesome: it has some texture and body, but is quite fine (I used a dark blue cotton lining since it's even a bit sheer) and the colours look beautiful. I cut the dress out in one evening and spend two days sewing it together. And here is the end result, modeled by me (with some assistance from my friend Maarten):

I set my hair in pin curls for the occasion, and really liked how the dress finished the look. I felt quite vintage without feeling like I was dressed in a costume, and think this dress will work for a number of different occasions!

Constructions was pretty straightforward. I followed Tasia's instructions because they were excellent and very clear, and didn't really add any extra steps apart from stabilizing the curved seams and zipper opening with fusible stay tape.

If I make another version of this dress (and I definitely will!) I'd add a touch more ease in the back. The dress fits, but it's quite snug, so it's fine for a night out but not so much for a day dress. These photos were taken after a train ride and dinner, hence the wrinkles!

I really enjoyed sewing this dress and can really see this pattern become a wardrobe staple! I already have a few different versions in mind...

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Really pretty! I love this on you!

    1. Hoi Anneke, mooie stof heb je gekozen voor je Cambie! Ik heb je een Liebster award gegeven. http://onlythesmall.blogspot.nl/2013/04/liebster-award.html

  2. Love the print, it works perfectly with the pattern! Doesn't it feel very good to have used almost all of the fabric and not have leftovers that don't make another garment?

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it's great to use up all the fabric you have but in this case it was so close it made me really nervous... Figuring out how to place the pattern pieces was a pain since the print is directional!