04 november 2012

Once upon a time, I was a Dead Fox.

One of my friends threw a roadkill-themed party with her housemates. So I bought a few yards of fleece and made a fox costume.

A dead fox costume.

With a tail!

The pattern for the dress was very simple, I just took my basic bodice and turned the darts into seams with some creative slashing, then added skirt portions to every piece. It came together super quickly because fleece doesn't ravel, so no seam finishes!

Of course I had to look like real roadkill. So me and my brother set out with acrylic paint, a sponge and my mother's car to make some tire tracks. I think it worked out pretty well! The rest of the costume are just bits I had lying around: orange tights, kneesocks, black slippers and a black long sleeve t-shirt. I made the ears out of leftover fleece and attached them to a headband.

I finished the job with some facepaint and voilà! Dead fox!

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