04 augustus 2012

A very first post!

Hello everyone! Even though the internet is full of sewing blogs, I was hoping there would be room for one more. I feel like I should briefly introduce myself: My name is Anneke, I'm currently studying comics and illustration in Brussels, Belgium, and a huge part of my spare time is devoted to sewing. I started sewing out of interest and because I simply like making things, but as my skills progressed I found out that I really liked making garments that fit me and my budget better than what I can find in stores.

So what will be posted here? I thought I'd start documenting the things I make and write about sewing-related things I bump into. Even if nobody ever reads this blog, it might be fun for me to see the progress I'm making. One of these days my boyfriend and I will set up a little shoot so I can post about garments I've made before, but until then, here's what's on my table right now:

I went fabric shopping today and found a beautiful cotton-silk blend that will be turned into my first chantilly dress. I've loved the look of this pattern for a while now and felt like I could use a slightly fancier summer dress than the simple printed cottons I usually wear! The second fabric find is a linen-cotton blend to make into a ceylon dress (another one from Colette Patterns). I've made this one before in a cotton with a fine blue stripe and while I love the shape, it sometimes reminds me of a little girl's school dress. Time for a remake!

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