27 maart 2017

I Am a Trash Bag From Outer Space

Or at least, that's how these glittery dungarees make me feel. And it's not necessarily a bad thing.

I bought this fabric at Pauli during a very spontaneous (and maybe slightly stressful) shopping trip with Hanne to get a birthday present (aka gift certificate) for Joost. We had ten minutes to find out if they had gift certificates and to get one, but in those ten minutes I managed to spot a bolt of stretch glitter jeans, pet it and take some home with me.

I originally wanted to make a second pair of Ginger jeans out of this, but then I thought dungarees might get more wear in a way. With jeans you still have to pick a top to go with it, while dungarees are more like an outfit by themselves... Does that make sense? I only got 1,5 meters because I'm still delusional about fabric yield (and intended to make jeans at first anyway!) so these had to be shorts, which is fine, because I wore the shit out of those other short dungarees I made until they got wayyyy too big on me.

Let's talk pattern! These are the Morgan jeans, shortened a considerable amount of course, and with some modifications. Adapting a jeans pattern for dungarees isn't too hard, you just have to split the waistband in two pieces (one for the front and one for the back) and create some facings and fly shields for the side splits. I 'drafted' my own bib, back piece and straps for this and it worked fine. The front bib is maybe a tiny bit too large/long though.

Sewing this went really quickly, I've been on a bit of a jeans sewing kick lately (there are some silver shorts still to come!) so the construction was still fresh in my mind! I topstitched the hell out of this with black thread and my usual triple stitch. It's a bit wonky in places where I tried working on this late at night, but I'm pretty sure the glitter will distract from that!

Some details: I lined the bib and waistband in a sturdy wax cotton. I used silver buttons and couldn't find any silver rivets nearby (whyyy) so I used a little burgundy cross stitch instead. It adds a nice little detail! (eagle-eyed readers might notice I added these after taking pictures...)

Looks like the alien garbage truck has arrived. I'll try and post those silver shorts if I ever make it back to earth!

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