20 juli 2015

My Dungarees still make them Hungry, and then I tell you how to do something.

Remember when I made dungarees before and said I was going to make the short version next? I had envisioned these for colder weather (with tights) but after the success of my playsuit I felt a sudden need for more grown versions of children's clothing, so I here are the Pauline Alice Turia dungarees, part two!

Sadly, I took pictures whilst rushing around a cool museum with friends, so the only shot of the entire thing is this one:

Lesson learned: do one thing at a time.
We went to see an exhibition about Belgian fashion, and I'd definitely recommend it! It was a collection of garments by different designers and from different times with no clear theme, but you could get really close to the garments to take a look. Way nicer than looking at them behind glass!

There were loads of things to covet as well:

That being said, I made some dungarees. These are the short version of the pattern, with no real fitting adjustments. I did change a truckload of things:

I like the first pair I made (where I followed the pattern to the letter) but thought some of the details were a bit too homemade. So I gave the front a waistband, used a button instead of a zipper as a closure and added more of a jeans-style pocket (and even a coin pocket!) instead of patch pockets. This was super easy to do! I even wrote it down in case someone else wants to give it a go:

(Click to enlarge!)
I also lengthened the straps by about 20 cm, which means I can thread them through the clips with plenty to spare and enough room to move. The crossroads demons from a previous post came back at this point, and went at it with their best Britney impressions:

I can't see the difference at all.
I used a pretty heavy dark gray denim for the body of the dungarees, and decided to use something lighter for the facings. I have some treasured scraps of space cotton left, and used them for the inside.

The back piece is faced like this up to the waist as well, instead of only just below the straps. I might add some bias tape to the part below the back facing, since it's the only raw seam that's sort of exposed (the instructions have you just fold the edges down and topstitch, which looks nice from the outside but not so nice from the inside). I do love getting a glimpse of space when I take my clothes off!

I also made the back pockets a bit larger (they are the same size for every size and I felt they were swimming around on a vast expanse of fabric in the previous version). I toyed with the idea of adding a label or patch somewhere, but went with a few stencilled silver stars in the end. Heh heh, butt stars!

I love how this turned out, and already wore it quite a lot! It's an easy thing to throw on when you have lots of cycling or walking to do. It was perfect for this day in Brussels as well! After the exhibition we did a little workshop where you could recycle old clothes into something new. The results were surprising!

There is video footage of me running around in the cape my friend Maarten has made. Good luck finding it.

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