13 maart 2017

Cuz Ur a Sky Full of Starz

I was wondering about my style recently. I have definitely branched out from wearing mostly fit-and-flare silhouettes over the past few years, but I did notice that I wasn't even wearing those fitted bodices with full skirts that often anymore. And then it dawned on me that most of the older clothes I have in my wardrobe are a bit too big now, which means that the silhouette is kind of lost and they feel frumpy. I had a massive clearout a few weeks ago, getting rid of things that no longer fit my body or my style, and kept a few things I'd like to rework some day to get them wearable again. In the meantime I started on a few new dresses in that old beloved silhouette, and here's one of them!

The fabric for this dress was thoughtfully bought by my boyfriend as a Christmas gift, after I sent him a link and how much yardage I wanted. It's a cotton sateen with stars and moons printed in silver, in a kind of random pattern. I know I'm basically a parody of myself by now, but I love a good star print!

The fabric looks fine in real life, but super wrinkly in photos. Or maybe I should just get over myself and iron this one. I used my bodice block (again!) with a slightly raised and widened neckline and a shallow v-neck in the back. The skirt if a full circle skirt, which I seem to prefer over gathered skirts at the moment (although I'll always love me some poofiness). I also added two ties to the side seam to I could tie a bow in the front or back, and maybe cinch the dress a bit more if necessary. I thought this fabric would look better with a bow than with a belt!

I do feel it's time for me to take a long hard look at my block. I lost quite a bit of weight the past few years (intentionally, so don't worry) and I've been adjusting it on the go, mostly just by taking in the side seams. My shape has changed quite a bit though, so I'll have to make a proper muslin sometime and make some serious adjustments!

I like how this dress turned out though, even if there's some weirdness around the bust and waist. It's one of those things I wear on regular days when I feel like wearing something a bit more 'special', especially with my silver David Bowie party shoes. I wore it on a trip to the zoo this time, where we spotted a meerkat who was having some kind of revelation:

And for those of you wondering about the title: I had this stupid Coldplay song stuck in my head (for obvious reasons). Good thing it was this version:

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