23 februari 2017

The Year of the Tiger (Butt)

I bought a really cool patch a while ago, and thought it would be perfect for the back pocket of a pair of black jeans.

'Better make some jeans then!'

So I did.

These are the Morgan Boyfriend jeans by Closet Case Patterns, made in a black/dark grey non-stretch denim I bought ages ago. I also really like them!

These have a more relaxed fit than what I'm used to (the very few pairs of jeans I own or made are stretchy and fitted) and I'm not sure if they are actually flattering on me, but they are ridiculously comfortable and I feel good in them. Isn't that the most important thing? I made a straight size 10 after looking at the size chart and sizing recommendations, but I might size down a bit the next time. Maybe it's this specific denim but it seems to relax a lot during wear, so the jeans go from 'slightly slouchy' to 'quite baggy, actually' after a while. Again, it doesn't really bother me, but I'll keep it in mind for the next time!

Sewing these was surprisingly fast. I cut these out on a Monday evening and then finished them in two afternoons or so. I went with a triple stitch for topstitching, just like I did on my previous jeans adventure. The stitching itself is a bit slower, but it saves so much time not having to change threads all the time! I also think the slowness might help a bit with accuracy. These jeans close with a button fly, and even though I was a bit worried about it looking bulky I decided to try it (couldn't be arsed to think about zippers for a while). It looks fine but took some getting used to!

I like the overall fit. There is some excess fabric in the crotch so I might make a small adjustment if I make this pattern again, but chances are I'll forget all about it anyway. I'm wearing this with a t-shirt I made that says 'I have nothing to do with this'. My boss just sighed and said 'you do what you want'when I wore it to work.

Butt view! With a look at the patch that started it all! It's made by Kim Bollaert and if you want one for yourself (or one of the other patches she's made) you can find it here! I have no problems with the fit in the back. It's roomy enough to sit down in but not so baggy it makes me look shapeless.

My brother took pictures for this blog post and we tried a jumping picture. I fell flat on my face. This is about 0.01 seconds before impact, but of course he stopped taking pictures as soon as I hit the ground, so no evidence of that, sadly enough! You can see I'm getting an idea of what's about to happen at this point in the jump.

And finally, here's a clearer picture of the patch (excuse the wrinkles). I like how he looks very 'meh' about... Everything.

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