24 april 2014

Who Made Your Clothes?

One year ago, a factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing 1133 people and injuring over 2000 more. This factory supplied clothing for a few well-known high street stores. If anything, it really made me think even more about where our clothes came from. Is it really worth it?

Today is Fashion Revolution Day. It's a day to challenge yourself and the people around you to wonder: where do your clothes come from? Who made them, and at what cost?

I started sewing as a creative outlet, and the switching of my wardrobe from storebought clothes to mainly handmade had more to do with the joy I got out of it, and the higher quality garments. But the ethics of fashion have always been present, at least in the back of my mind. I bought cheap clothes because it was what I could afford, and I tried to ignore the pang of guilt I felt. At this moment I try not to buy anything I can make myself. I still buy things like underwear, t-shirts and sweaters, but I do try to limit the quantity to a minimum.

I won't judge anyone for what they choose to wear (or not to wear). Hell, I'm not free of blame at all. But if a few people put some more thought into what it is they are buying, and how these stores manage to keep their prices so low, there is progress being made.

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