22 april 2014

My Mom's Puerto Rican. That's Why I'm So Lively And Colorful.

I'm sure you've all heard by now, but Roisin is getting married! Some brilliant people decided to celebrate this with a competition to honor her unique sense of style, and of course I jumped at the chance to make something...

Roisin and I met once before in London, and we immediately got on. In fact, I'll be seeing her again soon! I was lucky enough to meet Nic as well and I can only wish these two people the best for the rest of their lives together. They are both incredibly nice and perfect for each other!

I've admired Roisin's sense of style for a while, and we seem to be drawn to the same type of shapes and prints. I had this Alexander Henry fabric in my stash for a while with the intention to make it into a Cambie dress, and took this as a sign!

We took pictures during our family's Easter celebration at my uncle's house. This is their dog, and we both just spotted something!

This print has a very large repeat, so it was damn near impossible to match the pattern along the seams. I tried my best to avoid glaring repeats and left it at that. There is quite a big repeat on the back though, shhh!

I used the bodice of the Cambie dress but made a straight neckline instead of the sweetheart version, since I thought it would be too much with this busy print. I also used the Chantilly skirt from Colette Patterns because I love the shape of it.

Easter is the time for awkward smiles and much needed haircuts.
I love my new dress, and like it even more knowing that it's made in honor of two people I like a lot. All the best to you, Roisin and Nic!

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