05 januari 2016

All of Time and Space, Every Star that ever Was

Hooray! 2016! I survived New Year's Eve (it was pretty awesome) and now I'm back with a finished project and some cool news!

Ok, the cool news first: my dear friends Hanne and Caroline took their Sew it Up project a step further and opened an online shop! They sell specialist notions that can be hard to find in Belgium (hair canvas!), and now they sell postcards drawn by yours truly! Hop over here to take a look...

Now for the finished project! Remember how I printed my own fabric for Draw all the Things? I couldn't wait to make something out of it, so that's exactly what I did:

I only had about a yard of fabric (a black linen) so I decided to go for a super comfortable and super simple skirt. It turned out to be perfect for a few festivities (ELASTIC WAIST!)

New Year's resolution: pay more attention to posture. Noted.
The pattern (if you can even call it that) is too simple for words. I cut two rectangles, using the entire width of the fabric, sewed the side seams together, gathered the top to be slightly larger than the widest part of my hips and attached that to a piece of elastic that fit me around the waist. Bam! Skirt done in two hours. Hand-sewing the blind hem too as long as everything else together.

The print turned out so nice, and I love how there's no real pattern repeat in it. The ink I used didn't have to be heat-set, so I just let my yardage air dry for a few days, wiped the cat hair off and went to town. The waistband elastic is some sparkly stuff they started selling at the shop I work at, so now my boss is happy too, haha!

It's a very easy skirt to throw on and dress up or down, so I expect this will get lots of wear!

We took these pictures during a visit to the MAS in Antwerp, so of course I had to ask my friend to help me with this tough task of modelling, just like our previous museum visit together. (I just noticed I was even wearing the same shoes back then. Are these my museum shoes now?)

She then managed to snap a rare behind-the-scenes picture of me and the boyfriend. The things he's willing to do to help me blog!

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