28 maart 2015

The first linocut is the deepest

I have been doing a lot of linocutting recently, and I recently remembered I even used the medium to illustrate a book, but never posted about it! SO here are some pictures from that project. It was the third time working with Kapitein Winokio, a pretty awesome children's musician. (You can see previous projects here and here!). It was a book about animals with very different characters, and we decided lino prints could really work to make simple and strong images with lots of texture. I'm still really happy with how this turned out, even if my technique has improved a lot since then!

This might easily be my favourite picture of all, simply because it's a hawk making a phonecall:

I've recently been printing a lot of fabric patches to sew onto your favourite jean jacket or hoodie, and I'm hoping to offer them up for sale really soon! Here are a few sneaky progress shots:

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