25 maart 2015

Public service announcement!

Hi everyone,

One year ago I bought two domain names. One with my own name that I'd use for my drawing blog, and one for this sewing blog. As I got a renewal notice I started thinking. I haven't used my drawing blog in ages and I thought it would be silly to keep paying for two domain names, but losing the one with my own name felt a bit weird. So I decided to merge the two blogs and use my own name, Anneke Caramin, for this blog.

What does this mean? Practically, www.annettetirette.com WON'T WORK ANYMORE. You can still use annettetirette.blogspot.com and it will redirect to annekecaramin.com. If you use bloglovin' you won't notice anything, since bloglovin' still uses the old blogspot link.

As for content, expect some more variation! For those who didn't know, I studied and graduated as an illustrator. After graduating I honestly felt a bit uninspired and sick of drawing for a while, but now the urge has definitely returned... You can see some of my older work here and in the future I hope to post drawings along with sewing projects on this blog.

There will be some changes to the header and other things soon, and I hope you will enjoy these drawings posts as much as the sewing ones!

This is one of my more recent drawings: a portrait of St. Vincent, who is awesome.

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