03 juli 2014

Sewing Café: What's in your sewing machine drawer? AND A GIVEAWAY!

Woops, looks like I disappeared on you guys for a while! I was very busy bathing myself in my recent victory, and preparing the shop I work at for the sales... Working around ten extra hours a week. Things are getting a bit calmer now, so I found the time to make and post a video!

Lieke from A Bouquet of Buttons started this really cool sewing café, and Hanne tagged me after making her video... Meaning I had to share intimate details about the contents of my sewing machine drawer. Here is the video, the sound is a bit silent so I'm afraid you'll have to turn up the volume...

As for my nominations, I would really like to see what Joost and Stephanie like to have around!



I really wanted to celebrate winning Sew it Up, and since these challenges made me think long and hard about my own sewing and style I thought combining some cleanup with a giveaway would be good!

I went through my stash, looking for fabrics that never got used and just didn't feel like me anymore. The result is a surprisingly small selection, although that might be because of the numerous swaps we had with the local sewing bloggers... Anyway, I found two fabric I probably won't use so two people can win something!

I tried taking pictures but the light in my appartment was so crappy I resorted to taking them from the internet. Sorry!

This first fabric is a Michael Miller quilting cotton, made famous by Roisin. It's been prewashed and in perfect condition. I have around three yards of this!

The second fabric is a lovely striped cotton I bought on Etsy ages ago (the photo is from the original listing). It's very soft and almost transparent, and could make a lovely summer dress. There's around two yards of this, in two pieces.

If you want to win one of these fabric leave a comment stating which one you prefer and I'll pick two winners by Friday the 11th! This giveaway is open to international readers as well. Bonus entries if you tweet or blog about it and post a comment with a link!

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