17 juli 2014

Bowties Are cool. Deal with it.

I'm back with another finished project! It's been a bit quiet on the sewing front, after Sew it Up I took it easy for a while, did some knitting, designed a card for friends. But as soon as the sewing itch came back I started on a project I've wanted to make for a long time!

This dress is made from a very lightweight cotton I bought in Brighton over a year ago. The saleswoman said it was Gaultier or something but I wanted it because I really liked the feel (so light!) and the print (border print!).

The print also reminds me of someone...

I bought a book about Daleks on the same day. Don't judge. The TARDIS necklace I'm wearing in this pictures is an amazing birthday gift from some amazing friends. You know who you are!

Back to the dress! This pattern is made by me! I started from a basic bodice block, slashed and spread to get rid of the darts and add some pouf to the bodice and then turned it into a faux wrap. I also added two tucks along the neckline, but they kind of get lost in the fabric! this gathered bodice was attached to a waistband, and I just gathered my entire length of fabric as a skirt to make maximum use of the border print with my limited yardage.

The dress closes at the back with an invisible zipper, but it only goes halfway to the top. I left the rest of it open and closed it at the neck with a button and loop, so there's a slit for ventilation and aerodynamics. Oh, and if you look closely you can see something peek out...

That's right, I got my first tattoo almost two months ago! It's something I've wanted for a long time, and I spent ages looking for the right artist. I ended up with Susanne König at Salon Serpent in Amsterdam and she did an awesome job! I definitely want another one. Sorry mother dear.

Sewing time is a tiny bit limited right now... My boyfriend and I are moving into our second appartment together (my own sewing/drawing room! Yay) and there's so much stuff to pack. I'm hoping to squeeze something out for Oonapalooza though!

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