22 januari 2014

We should totally meet up for texting and scones.

Wow, I'm probably one of the last people to write about this! On Saturday we had our second Belgian Blogger Meet, in Antwerp this time! Loads of people turned up, and I was a bit scared at the prospect of gathering twenty sewists and getting them around the city on a schedule, but Lieke did an amazing job...

As usual I only took like three pictures. I was too busy chatting and having fun to look through a lens! We started the day with coffee (and cake in my case) at Viggo's, followed by some fabric shopping. I managed not to buy anything (!!) but I did score a few bits and bobs at the swap!

I also got rid of most of the fabrics I brought, so I guess that was justified. We then rushed off to Aahaar for an amazing lunch (vegetarian all-you-can-eat buffet? Count me in baby! This is one of my favourite eating spots in Antwerp). After this we decided to split up: part of the group wanted moar fabrics, and me and some others went to the fashion museum to see the current exhibition. It was incredibly inspiring to see loads of garments made by fashion students up close, and I picked up loads of details to use in my own sewing...

We took one group shot, but our camera guy wasn't the most talented and the background was a bit disappointing as well. Thank god I have a master's degree in graphic design:

Look at all those happy faces! Even the mayor stopped by to show off his new skirt.

I'll leave you with something that still makes me smile and a list of everyone who came along. I had loads of fun, even though it was a truly exhausting day. On to the next one!

Heh heh heh! Misdurk!
(Sadly, this is one for the Dutch speakers...)

Here are all the lovely ladies (and the one gentleman)! Let me know if I forgot someone...

Karolien - http://karootje.blogspot.be/
Ivy - http://www.neven-jansen.be/mama
Annie – http://moekehandmade.blogspot.be/
Sofie - http://dewereldvansofiew.blogspot.be/
Lieselot - http://liesellove.blogspot.be/
Lieve - http://piekewieke.blogspot.be/
Regina - http://tweeemmerkeswater.blogspot.be/
Lindy: http://stannel.blogspot.be/
Caroline: http://www.carolinedelaere.com/#sthash.AIUoJ7NP.dpbs
Emily: http://belgianseams.blogspot.be/
Eline: http://plutomeisje.be
Louize: http://grtescp.wordpress.com/
Jo: http://jo-sews-etc.blogspot.be/
Joost: http://joost.decock.org/

9 opmerkingen:

  1. It was such a great day! I'm not on the list - Laura www.behind-the-hedgerow.com.


  2. Haha, misdurk! That would be a mispirnt in English :)
    Looks like a great day in Antwerp!

  3. It was a lovely day! I really appreciated it that the mayor popped by ;) See you soon :)

  4. It was a great day indeed! Shame I had to go home before the afternoon program.. I'm not on the list too, Kim: revesmecanique.blogspot.com
    Thanks for organising!

  5. Your photoshop skills are amazing :-)
    I had so much fun!

  6. Great day indeed!! Lovely people, fabric, talk about sewing all day long, what more do you need??

  7. Now I regret even more, that I couldn't be there... Hope for next meet up any time soon :)

  8. thanks again for organising the fabulous day, and for arranging the visit of the mayor - you see why Antwerp is Belgium's fashion capital, with a guy in a skirt like that!

  9. fijn dat ik bij op de lijst sta maar ik was er niet bij :-) (Riet, memadeland)
    de dochter sliep uit met als gevolg dat de hele voormiddag in de soep was en ik er niet geraakte.
    Maar volgende keer hoop ik zo hard dat het wel lukt!
    (oh ja, dat moet hier in eigenlijk in het Engels...)