23 december 2013

Tis the season for Self-Loathing, Fa La La La La, I hate myself

Don't worry about my mental health readers, I stumbled across this a few days ago and can't stop snorting. Any suggestions on how to continue this song?

Last year I did a little post at the beginning of the year, talking about my sewing plans and resolutions for the upcoming twelve months. These twelve months are almost over, and since I now spent over a year blogging I thought I'd reflect on what I made, and the things I managed to cross off my list!

First: coats! I didn't get around to making the red tailored coat, but I'm still planning to. I've made another wool coat (for my trip in Iceland) with a lot less tailoring on and this definitely eased my mind about the process, but the red wool is very smooth and will show any mistake, so I might make another coat (I'm thinking a female version of the coat Sherlock wears) in a more textured wool from my stash.

I did manage to make my blue raincoat! At first I was planning to adapt an existing Burda pattern, but then Sewaholic came out with the Robson coat and I went for it. It was a verysatisfying project, documented here!

I can proudly say that I've made both these dresses and they get tons of wear. They fit me pretty well and are comfortable, so that's two plusses. The bird dress was blogged about here, the forest/bear/moose (!) here.

Now these two... I never got around to them. I changed my mind on the leaf print and will probably make it into a Bleuet, since I love the pattern but the velvet version I made isn't exactly daily wear.

I still have the chambray around and am still sold on the shirtwaist dress idea, but I'll pobably add an embroidered yoke!

As for the rest of my resolutions: I definitely slowed down some of my sewing this year and paid more attention to details and finishing... Resulting in clothes that I like and get lots of wear!I had planned to tackle knits but only made one project so far, a very dramatic Mission Maxi. It wasn't so bad, but I have so many wovens in my stash I want to use first!

I've made plenty of things that weren't on the list, and have loads of plans for more. Some of my favourites from the past year:

This Cambie dress in a floral Liberty lawn is incredibly comfortable and quite flattering in my opinion! I even wore it in the fall with tights and boots.

I love my Space Oddity dress for many reasons. One being SPACE PRINT, the others being that I got this fabric with help from the awesome Roisin, wore this to a great exhibition, and have worn it loads of times since then, especially on days when I felt like I needed some extra confidence. A definite winner.

I was really happy with the outcome of the Confetti Factory dress, since it was a bit of a personal milestone when it came to pattern hacking. I took something that didn't work for me and changed it for the better, and this got me excited about personalising things more often!

This Sewaholic Saltspring was one of the surprises of the year: it was meant as a wearable muslin but I ended up really liking it and practically lived in it during the end of the summer. I still wear it (when it's not raining) with tights, boots and a jacket, and it works just as well!

I'm really looking forward to the new year. 2013 was a year full of changes: I graduated school, moved out of my parents' house, met loads of new people through this blog and started learning a completely new skill (shoemaking! Expect a post on that soon!). Here's to another year of exciting new things, and I'll see you all in January, unless I turned into a popsicle whilst celebrating New Year's Eve (in ICELAND)!

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  1. What a lovely round-up post, you've made some lovely stuff. Hope you enjoy your trip to Iceland :)

  2. You have made some great stuff. I'm so glad I've found your blog. Happy 2014 sewing x