20 juni 2013

Beam me up to Bed

So, I finished school. I don't officially have my degree yet, but I'm pretty sure this was my last year as a student. I'm officially a grown up now.

So what's the first thing to do after presenting my final project?

Why, make some Star Trek inspired pyjamas, dress up as Spock and pose in front of a galaxy backdrop of course. It's only logical.

I made these for Karen's pyjama party, and posting them a bit early (the deadline is on Sunday). I decided to enter since I've been sleeping in some ratty old shorts and any t-shirt I could find for way too long. I had previously thought of the Starfleet uniform as the perfect inspiration for pyjamas since it looks so comfy, and decided to make some appropriate for summer.

The top is the Colette Sorbetto top, a free pattern I never bothered to make because I don't like boxy tops on me. I lowered the nexline a bit, skipped the front pleat and used storebought bias tape to bind the edges. There were no real necessary alterations to the fit, and even though I was right about not liking the shape on me, I do like it as a comfortable sleeping top. It's made up in a bright blue lightweight cotton.

The shorts were traced from a pair I already owned, and have a simple elastic waist. They are made from a slightly heavier black cotton (I do suspect some poly in there) and feel quite sturdy.

I decided to add a little extra touch to the uniform by cutting the shape of the Starfleet insignia out of a make up sponge and stamping it onto the shirt. It came out surprisingly well, I'm curious about how it will hold up in the wash!

That's all there is to say about my pyjamas. Live long and prosper, or should I say, sleep well and prosper?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. OMG. Where to begin? There are so many layers of awesome to this, it is like a Layer Cake of Awesomeness. Unbelievably inspired. Good job, my friend! So exciting to see.

  2. Cool, totally inspired! So do you just have a galaxy-themed wall in your house somewhere then? Or is it another one of those ridiculous lengths sewing bloggers will go to for a good picture :-)

    1. I went to space of course!

      Nah it's a piece of fabric I had left over (!!) after cutting out a project, and I thought it would be easier to put it up the wall than to photoshop myself in space. (Can you imagine how much of this fabric I had though, already used it for a full-skirted dress...)

  3. I just discovered your blog through Roisin and I must say you have a really good taste in fabrics ! I would buy all the same ;-)
    Do you buy them in Belgium or on the internet ?

    I have a blog too (but on wordpress) and I have to use my old blogger account to comment, sorry, http://popupmonster.wordpress.com/

    1. Hello and welcome! I buy a lot of fabrics online, especially the novelty prints. Most fabric shops in Belgium who stock these charge loads more for them because they are imported... I think Etsy is a pretty good fabric source, especially if you're looking for something special

    2. Thanks for your answer ! I was thinking to buy online too !

  4. Was watching star trek when I spotted these pyjamas! Amazing! Pyjamas? Engage!