15 april 2013

The Woodland Dress

When I spotted this print for the first time, I immediately loved it. I was watching a lot of Twin Peaks at the time and felt like making something inspired by woods and woodland animals. The end result turned out a lot more literal than expected!

Funny thing is, the image on the website didn't show the entire print. I was pretty excited already about sewing something with bears and deer on it, imagine my squeals when I found out there were happy moose running around as well!

The pattern for this dress was super simple and straightforward, you might even remember my sketch from this post.  It's basically the same as the Birdsong Dress, minus the collar and with added short sleeves.

Look at my smug face being happy about what I made, even if it's super wrinkled from trampling around in it. Ha! The dress is lined in white cotton voile and is comfortable enough to wear all day. I wore if to a family gathering yesterday and tested it on a trampoline!

 But seriously, I love this print. I know it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, but this kind of thing makes me so happy. I do feel like it's more of an autumn/winter garment (probably the colouring) so this one will go into the closet for a few months... See you soon!

PS: I just noticed there's not one single photo in this post showing the entire dress. Whoops! Here's (a slightly goofy) one:

And this is what happened when I spotted a rabbit:

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I absolutely love it! Fantastic job! What a pleasure to see this fabric made into such a cute dress - bravo!

  2. Cool! Altijd als ik jouw stofkeuzes zie denk ik, hm ik zal toch die papegaaienprint van timeless treasures eens moeten bestellen!
    Supermooi weeral!

    1. Doen! Die is in het echt nog veel mooier... Misschien voor een Laurel?

    2. Da's nog een idee. Ik zou alleen willen weten hoe groot die papegaaien zijn. Ik ben zelf aan de kleine kant en wil niet aanzien worden voor een papegaai:-)
      En die gele en rode vogels zijn ook zo mooi!

    3. Op sommige sites (ik denk meteen aan fabric.com) staat er een meetlatje mee op de stof zodat je een beeld krijgt van de schaal... Meestal wel in inches.

  3. een prachtig jurkje! Schitterende stofkeuze en het staat je beeldig!