24 januari 2013

The Indigo Leaves Dress

I finally managed to photograph another garment! It's a tricky business during winter it seems, as I don't really like indoor shots (especially for a lack of a decent background) and my photographer isn't really available during daytime hours. Anyway, I dragged my dear brother away from his studying to quickly take some pictures of this dress:

I made this some time ago and wear it quite often, but didn't get around to photograph it. The pattern is a copy of a well-loved H&M dress (yeah you heard that right!) that had been through the wash one too many times and had to go. It fit me really well though, and the style was perfect for lots of different occasions, so I took it apart and used it as a pattern for this dress. It's a fairly simple pattern with a few interesting details, mainly the five darts around the neckline. Darts I didn't photograph because this is what happens if I'm out in the cold for too long:

Um, yes. The rest of the dress is pretty straightforward: a pleated skirt with pockets, a tie around the waist, no sleeves, yadda yadda. But the back has a nice surprise:

Omg, buttons! They were functional on the original dress but mine aren't because my buttonhole foot is still lost (and surprise surprise, it's hard to get decent buttonholes with your regular presser foot... Not impossible, but tricky!) and I never used them anyway.

The verdict: I love my new dress, it's already a staple in my wardrobe, I should really trace the pieces of the old one so I have a paper pattern, I need a new buttonhole foot. Or find the old one. But I'm afraid it fell into my scraps bin and was accidentally tossed out. Boo.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I love it! It's really beautiful with the buttons on the back!!
    Love, Vroni(:

  2. What brand of sewing machine do you have?
    I happened to have two buttonhole foot :)

    Very nice dress, by the way...

    1. I have a Janome machine... Borrowed a foot from a friend for now, until I truly give up on finding mine and buy a new one. Thanks again for the lace!

    2. thanks for the patterns :)
      I have a Singer... good luck with finding lost one...