07 oktober 2012

the Graphic Skirt

This is the first clothing item we photographed in New York, and sadly, we completely forgot to take any close-ups. You'll just have to believe me when I describe the details to you!

I found the fabric for this skirt at my usual fabric place ( a factory outlet outside town, they mostly stock boring/ugly prints and loads of synthetics but sometimes a few gems pop up). It's a rather drapey cotton with a black and white graphic print, and I loved it immediately.

(this is a close-up of the print I took at home, when I realised this was going to be a one-picture post)

I underlined the fabric with a navy cotton to give it some body, and drafted a very quick waistband pattern. The waistband has a slight curve, making it a bit higher in the front, and the skirt itself is just your average gathered skirt.

It's a very comfortable piece, but the waistband has that old wrinkling problem lots of waistbands interfaced with the regular iron-on interfacing seem to have... It develops these deep wrinkles during wear, and I usually press the waistband of this skirt before I wear it. I've started to interface my waistbands with hair canvas and this seems to work better.

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